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At Psychology Online Degrees, you are teaming up with practicing psychologists, professors, students and other professionals to learn about careers, programs and salaries for psychologists.

With our team of psychologists, therapists, professors, data scientists, data modelers, designers and coders, you have at your disposal over 250 years of psychology experience, over 500,000 data points calculated for more than 689 schools offering psychology degrees at the bachelor, master and doctor level.

US Team:  Agoura Hills, CA; Cumming, GA; Beverly Hills, CA; Marquette, MI; Lilburn, GA; Terre Haute, IN; Pittsburgh, PA; Loma Linda, CA; Carlsbad, CA

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Explore more than 31 psychology careers for clinical, industry  and academic professionals



See degrees-types and degree data from more than 500 accredited colleges in the United States.



From more than 2,300 programs offered, find the best psychology program in your state or online.



Get salary reports and learn about cost-of-living, job demand, pay based on experience and education and more.

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If a career in psychology is what interests you, then no doubt you have already begun asking yourself what the requirements are to be a psychologist, what career options are available, what kind of salary can I earn, what are the career advancement options and more. Our staff of psychology professionals answer all these questions and more. Start by learning about psychology careers.