Psychology # of Schools in State# of Graduates in State# of Programs (BS, MS, Cert, Ph.D, PsyD.) in State# of Programs (BS, MS, Cert, Ph.D, PsyD.) in the U.S.
Applied Psychology6214676
Clinical Child Psychology00014
Clinical Psychology1572921221
Medical Social Work00035
Cognitive Psychology236222
Community Psychology00039
Comparative Psychology0002
Counseling Psychology181,00420326
Developmental Psychology686668
Educational Psychology4465142
Environmental Psychology0001
Experimental Psychology34296100
Family Psychology0006
Forensic Psychology5163754
Medical Psychology235226
Industrial Organizational Psychology62779123
Marriage and Family Therapy1360514140
Mental Health Counseling4334252
Sport Psychology12014
Personality Psychology0003
Psychology Teacher Education0002
General Psychology7015,4871061,707
Psychometrics Psychology00016
School Psychology1441716269
Social Psychology2319330
Social Work324,80449969
Transpersonal Psychology0000
Behavioral Neuroscience2595228
Counseling and Applied Psychology434,289711,040
Research Psychology223,70434360