List of 100 Organizations for Psychologists and Social Workers

Essential Psychology Organizations

Professional Psychology organizations are resources for professionals. These organizations represent professionals in the respective areas of their psychology specialty, and provide such opportunities as networking, continuing education, professional development, policy making and much more.

Clinical Psychology Organizations

Counseling Psychology Organizations

Child Psychology, Clinical Child Psychology Organizations

Cognitive Psychology

  1. Become a Cognitive Psychologist
  2. American Psychological Association (APA):
    Provides resources, tools, and information for cognitive psychologists, including guidelines, research support, and networking.
  3. Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image (SCSMI):
    Focuses on cognitive aspects of moving images, including research, conferences, and interdisciplinary approaches.
  4. Cognitive Science Society:
    Offers interdisciplinary study of cognitive science, including research collaboration, conferences, and journals.
  5. Association for Psychological Science (APS):
    Connects cognitive psychologists globally through journals, conferences, and networking opportunities.
  6. Psychology Tools:
    Provides assessments, therapy resources, and professional materials for cognitive psychologists, including standardized tests and tools.
  7. Mind Hacks:
    A blog that explores neuroscience and psychology, offering latest research, insights, and trends.
  8. The Psychonomic Society:
    Supports the scientific study of the mind and behavior, including journals, conferences, awards, and networking opportunities.

Educational Psychology

Experimental Psychology

  1. American Psychological Association – Experimental Psychology: The APA provides resources and support for a variety of fields in psychology, including experimental psychology.
  2. The Journal of Experimental Psychology: This journal, published by the APA, covers empirical research on topics in experimental psychology.
  3. Experimental Psychology (Textbook): This textbook provides an introduction to experimental psychology.
  4. Society for Experimental Psychologists: The SEP is an organization that seeks to advance and communicate scientific research in experimental psychology.
  5. British Journal of Psychology: This journal covers all branches of psychology, including experimental psychology.
  6. The Experimental Psychology Society: The EPS is a UK-based society that promotes the advancement of scientific research within the field of experimental psychology.
  7. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General: This journal publishes articles describing empirical work that bridges the traditional interests of two or more communities of psychology.
  8. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology: This journal focuses on original empirical work in all areas of experimental social psychology.
  9. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology: This journal publishes innovative empirical research on several aspects of child development.
  10. Frontiers in Psychology – Experimental Psychology: Frontiers in Psychology is an open-access journal that hosts several specialty sections, including Experimental Psychology.
  11. Psychology Careers
  12. How to Become an Experimental Psychologist

Forensic Psychology

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Marriage & Family Therapy Professional Associations

Medical Social Worker

Certainly! Here are seven resources with clickable text links in their titles for those interested in Medical Social Work:

  1. National Association of Social Workers (NASW): NASW offers resources, advocacy, and professional development for social workers in medical fields. Members can access conferences, publications, and networking opportunities.
  2. Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care (SSWLHC): SSWLHC focuses on the leadership development of medical social workers. It provides education, research opportunities, and a network of healthcare social work leaders.
  3. Council on Social Work Education (CSWE): CSWE accredits social work education programs and offers resources for educators and students in medical social work. It includes professional development and curriculum guidelines.
  4. Social Work Today: Social Work Today is a magazine that offers articles, resources, and continuing education tailored for medical social workers. Readers find current news, trends, and professional insights.
  5. Clinical Social Work Association (CSWA): CSWA supports clinical social workers, including those in healthcare settings. It offers clinical practice resources, legislative advocacy, and professional community engagement.
  6. HealthCare Social Media (HCSM): HCSM leverages social media to connect medical social work professionals globally. It hosts online discussions, shares insights, and encourages collaboration in healthcare social work.
  7. The New Social Worker: This online magazine provides career advice, education, ethics guidance, and resources specifically designed for social workers, including those working in medical settings.
  8. How to become a medical social worker.
  9. Social worker salaries in 2024.

Research Psychology

  1. The Association for Psychological Science – A leading international organization dedicated to advancing scientific psychology. Its website provides research, publications, and conferences related to the field.
  2. Research in Psychology: Methods and Design by C. James Goodwin – A textbook available for purchase online, it offers an in-depth look at research methods and ethical considerations in psychology.
  3. The Journal of Experimental Psychology – Published by the American Psychological Association, this peer-reviewed journal focuses on empirical research in experimental psychology.
  4. The Society for Research in Child Development – An organization promoting research, publications, and collaboration in the field of child development, which includes research psychology related to children.
  5. Psychological Research on the Net – A collection of online psychology studies across various subfields of psychology. It can be useful for those interested in current research trends.

Sport Psychology Organizations

School Psychology Organizations

Substance Abuse Counseling Organizations

Social Work Organizations

School Social Workers Organizations

Clinical Social Work Organizations

Social Work Organizations for Minority Groups

LGBTQIA Social Work Organizations

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