I’d like to create indexes of the Best Ranked Programs, but I’m not sure of what makes sense and how it looks. I’d like to try something like the following and see if it makes sense when presented. Your thoughts and feedback about what makes the most sense for both colleges and student is greatly appreciated.

We have a lot of data and we can over do it when it comes to presentation, and considering that half of users usually come via mobile, it becomes important to think through the presentation. Anyway. Here is what I’m thinking. There would be 100 new pages or so new pages all dedicated to pretty much ranking.

Mapping Contacts for Outreach

Once we find a list of all the program rankings, we’re going to want to find the following information. Perhaps Dipal can help. If there is an semi-automated way to this I am also open. For much of this information, we can use it for different sites.

We will be sending out emails to the contacts. Again, maybe something you and/or Dipal can help with. I have a couple of sites that’ll send out this kind of email.

Contact TypeFirst NameLast NameTitleEmail AddressUse for Other Sites
Dean of Psychology Programxxxx
Contact at the Marketing and Communication (Marcom) Departmentxxxxx
Editor of School Online Paper as editor@ as the person changes often here. xxxxx
Editor of State Paper #1xxxxx
Editor of State Paper #2xxxxx
Editor of Local Paper #1xxxxx
Editor of Local Paper #2xxxxx


Top 100 in each, one page for each. For Ph.d and PsyD and Certificates, we might want to list the top 50, depending on how many programs are offered in total. For Ph.D and PsyD, let’s try to separate them to start.

  • Bachelor’s
  • Master’s
  • Certificates – Do we have post bachelor’s and post master’s or just?
  • Ph.D – separate?
  • PsyD – separate?
  • Ph.d and PsyD together?

We want to list state, state ranking, and national ranking – add the columns the ranking factors. Let’s try a table to start:

For the Bachelor’s Page, we’d want to see it like this at first. And new pages for each of the other Degree. Put as many ranking factors as we have, please.

Bachelor’s Ranking FactorRanking FactorRanking FactorRanking FactorRanking Factor


One page for each program type. Top programs as defined by.

  • Programs that have between 20 and 49, we list the top 10
  • Programs that have more than 50 and less than 75, we list the top 25 programs
  • programs that have more than 75, we list the top 50 programs

We want to list state, state ranking, and national ranking.

For each program page we’d want to do something similar like this. Put as many ranking factor columns as we have.

Applied PsychologyRanking FactorRanking FactorRanking FactorRanking FactorRanking Factor

Ranking Page and Criteria Help

Manish – For our ranking methodology page: https://psychologyonlinedegrees.org/resources/ranking-methodology-for-psychology-online-degrees/:

  • Please double check the table to make sure it is still the same criteria we’ve used so far.
  • Please list the criteria that causes schools or programs not to be included. You can list the criteria in bullet points or describe them, if you so desire.


We already list the top 10 https://psychologyonlinedegrees.org/programs/california/ and then at the bottom of the page list the schools > than 10.

We do not list the program rankings for schools in each state. So I’m trying to think this through.

If we create a separate ranking page:

One page for each state. Top programs as defined by:

  • A state that has less than 10 schools, list all the schools
  • A state that has more than 20 schools, list the top 10 schools
  • A state that has more than 50 schools, list the top 25 schools

We want to list the state and national ranking

Programs offered within the State:

On the same page, but as a separate section, list the top programs offered by each state listing both state and national ranking.

List the Program in H2 and then list the top schools for each program. How many schools? Not sure. Top five, top ten. Let’s play with this number.


On State Pages:



Block Error:

Change the Header as these rankings are School not Program:

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